Angie Quinn’s Amazing Adventures with Shnoogy and Kruddy

About this Book

This fun-filled action adventure takes place in the rough and rugged high desert.
Angie and her whimsical friends are faced with opposing choices from conflicting voices, while en-route to rescue their lost friend from a mysterious disappearance.

They are joined by Shnoogy McKool, (pictured above)
a personification of their positive thoughts and feelings, and
Kruddy Grimm, (also pictured above)
a personification of their negative thoughts and feelings.

When Kruddy threatens to ruin the day, can Angie and her friends
call on their Shnoogy to put thing’s right?
Will they find and rescue their friend from his encounter with The Doodle Trap?
Discover how to ‘TossYour Kruddy’, and ‘Find Your Shnoogy’,
the real super power within you!
An all-round entertaining book, full of insights on mindfulness, kindness, teamwork, sharing, inclusion, apologies, forgiveness, gratitude, keeping a sense of humor and
being your best you!

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Book Description

Each night before bedtime, 11-year old Angie Quinn shares stories with her mother about the adventures she had that day. Her stuffed toys come to life, and through her imagination, they have amazing adventures in the hot Arizona desert. Pandi the panda, Timmy the tortoise and Chippy the chipmunk join Angie as she helps Rita the rabbit find her lost baby bunny, Sunny. Angie, Pandi, Timmy and Chippy help Rita search the scorching desert for the missing bunny – deciding it is more important to be kind and give a helping hand than to play all day.

Angie tells her mom about the difficult quest to find Sunny, explaining that her need to be kind overrode her fear of getting lost in the desert wasteland.

This story highlights how we all have choices we need to make each and every day – and some of them are difficult. Constance Douglas has created two imaginary characters to help children see, or relate to these choices. If you allow your heart to lead the way, and be kind and helpful to others, you are listening to your Shnnoogy. If you ignore what you know is right and act selfishly, you are listening to your Kruddy.

By bringing stuffed animals and imaginary characters to life, Constance has created a story that most children (and adults) can relate to. The action-packed adventures of the Shnnoogy squad are fun and engaging, and through them children can learn more about the inner joy they can find by being kind to others.

Angie Quinn’s Amazing Activities with Shnoogy and Kruddy

You can purchase this book on Amazon Canada and Amazon USA.

Meet Angie Quinn’s imaginary friends.

‘Shnoogy’ is a personification of all Angie’s positive thoughts and feelings.
Whereas ‘Kruddy‘ personifies all of Angie’s negative thoughts and feelings.
Join in the fun activities and discover simple and
real ways for ‘Tossing Your Krudy!’ and ‘Finding Your Shnoogy’,
the real super power within you!

This book is filled with coloring pages, FUN puzzles,
word scrambles, a Shnoogy Rap Song, games and
questions invoking mindful thinking.

Creatively expanding your child’s selfawareness.

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