Angie Quinn’s Amazing Adventures with Shnoogy and Kruddy

About this Book

Angie Quinn
SPOT CHECKS in on her Shnoogy and Kruddy emotions

An adventure of mental, emotional and spiritual self-discovery.

A story about a very imaginative young girl named Angie, exploring her opposing thoughts and feelings, and her ability to choose which one’s rule her life.

Through Angie’s vivid imagination, her feelings take on a life of their own: ‘Shnoogy Mc Cool’ – becomes an avatar for her light, or pleasant thoughts and feelings.


‘Kruddy Grimm’ – becomes an avatar for her Cruddy, or unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Together; Angie, Shnoogy and Kruddy, join forces alongside her best friends Pandi Panda, Chippy Chipmunk, Timmy Tortoise and Rita Rabbit, to find and rescue a young friend, whose Kruddy has tempted him into biting off way more than he can chew!

While en-route to find their lost friend, Shnoogy and Kruddy both offer up their varied solutions to both literal and emotional alarming challenges!

EXERCISES to test your emotional awareness: Use the SPOT CHECK – Mood Minder Map inside the back of this book, to see if you can identify who’s guiding the different friends in each chapter and step of the way of their journey?

Follow the SPOT CHECK Map to discover ways your Shnoogy can help you Toss Your Kruddy and guide you to a happier, kinder, healthier life


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Angie Quinn’s Amazing Activities with Shnoogy and Kruddy

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Meet Angie Quinn’s imaginary friends.

This book is filled with coloring pages, Fun Puzzles, question and answer mindful games, that invoke fun exploration of emotions and feelings