Constance M Douglas (aka The Shnoogy Lady)

Author, Illustrator, Performer

With this book Constance introduces the reader to her characters: Shnoogy (kindness, joy, etc) and Kruddy (selfishness, sorrow, etc), as the opposing voices and choices we all share. Also the protagonist, Angie Quinn, who wears a leg brace. Constance maintains we all wear a metaphorical leg brace of one sort or another. Some are seen, some are not.

Angie Quinns AA utilizes fun, adventure and humour in mindful ways to Find Your Shnoogy and Toss Your Kruddy, thereby helping children to better understand themselves, and to help them create a mindful and happy life.

Please join her in spreading the awareness that ‘Kind Is Cool!’

Constance studied fine arts, philosophy and indigenous studies at university, and MBSR / Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction studies. She has been an artist, poet and story teller for as long as she can remember. She reflects, “Over time I have learned that my greatest joy in life has come from doing a kind act for others. This understanding has helped me rise above some very difficult challenges, and given me an overall feel-good attitude in life. It’s how I Toss My Kruddy!”

When not puppeteering, entertaining children, or working on her project, chances are she is practicing yoga/meditation, cycling on the sunny, windswept prairies, or hiking the river valley of Lethbridge Alberta with her Westie (Shnoogy)

Kind is Cool Kids – K.I.C.K. -Start for Kids

I was wonderfully surprised by my granddaughter’s reaction and involvement with this book. We read books together and she sits, quietly listening, while I read. It is challenging to get children to open up about their day and talk about their feelings. Angie Quinn’s Amazing Adventures with Shnoogy and Kruddy did just that. She fell in love with the kind-heartedness of Shnoogy and reacted with empathy and laughter at the behavior of Kruddy. This is the first and only time I saw my granddaughter relating to a book. When we finished reading the story I asked her what she thought of this book. She said she liked that this story was about feelings. C.M. Douglas created a story that children can connect and relate to and she provided me with an opportunity to talk with my granddaughter about feelings. Thank you, Constance, for giving me this connection with my granddaughter.

Cathy Tinordi